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Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky; they are people who say this is my community. It is my responsibility to make it better.— Tom McCall

Welcome to our webpage!

This website is for you.  It is a one-stop resource for my campaign for the Oregon House (District #20).  My hope is to give you and your family the information needed for making your choice this coming election day.

I am running for the Oregon House of Representatives because I believe Oregon should guarantee opportunity for all our citizens; provide a safe environment; protect our basic rights to think, to act, and to live without fear; and promote the future even as we provide in the present.  I am running because we need leaders with the courage to act and who have a proven record of leadership.

I have spent my life in public service. As a volunteer firefighter, city councilor, school board member, and mayor, I have been actively involved in shaping the path of my community. While working as former Governor Ted Kulongoski’s chief advisor for Veterans’ Affairs and Emergency Management, I worked to provide some of our most vulnerable citizens the resources they deserved. As a Major in the United States Air Force (now retired), I made decisions that affected the safety of our troops and our country. And as an educator in several of Oregon’s colleges and universities, I strive to help students develop the key skills they will need to be productive members of society.

There will be many candidates seeking office in 2014.  However, there will be no other candidate running for the Oregon House of Representatives in District 20 better prepared for the rigors of serving you in the Oregon Legislature.  After you review the available options please consider the following measurements: public service, leadership, and experience.  2014 is the time for us to fight for the Oregon we know is possible.  Oregon needs people with a record of public service, demonstrated leadership skills, and proven experience. Now is not the time for “on-the-job” training. 

If you believe our community is worth your talent, time, and treasure I invite you to join me on this march for progress.  Together we can change the world, at least our part of it.  If you need more information, please contact me or attend any of our events.  This campaign is about you – and about the community you seek.

Thank you!